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This website uses cookies and / or similar technologies that store and retrieve information when you browse. In general, these technologies can serve a wide variety of purposes, such as, for example, recognizing you as a user, obtaining information about your browsing habits or customizing the way the content is displayed.

There are cookies that are controlled and managed by the owner of the Web (they are called “own cookies”) and others that are by third parties (they are known as “third party cookies”), for example, because they provide a tool or a functionality integrated to the web.

The specific uses we make of these technologies are described below.


On this website we use the following types of cookies:

1. Technical or essential cookies for the provision of services: They are those that allow the user to navigate through a web page, platform or application and use the different options or services that exist in it, including those that are used to allow the management and operation of the website and enable its functions and services, such as, for example, controlling traffic and data communication, identifying the session, accessing restricted access parts, remembering the elements that make up an order, carry out the process of purchasing an order, manage payment, control fraud related to the security of the service, make a request for registration or participation in an event, count visits for the purposes of billing licenses for the software with which the service (website, platform or application), use security elements while browsing, store content for the dissemination of videos or sound, h enable dynamic content (for example, loading animation of a text or image), share content through social networks.

Also included in this category are the cookies intended for the management of our advertising spaces of the owner of the web based on technical criteria such as the edited content, the frequency in which the advertisements are displayed or the control of the origin of the potential client when it has activated an advertising link from a website attached to affiliate marketing programs.

These cookies are exempt from complying with the obligations established in article 22.2 of the LSSI

2. Analysis or measurement cookies: We use third-party cookies, which allow us to quantify the number of users and thus carry out the measurement and statistical analysis of their use of the service offered.
For this, your browsing on our website is analyzed in order to improve the products or services we offer you.

Typically the data derived from your browsing that can be analyzed are the following:

-The provider’s domain name (PSI) and / or IP address that gives them access to the network. For example, a user of the provider xxx will only be identified with the domain and / or the IP address.
In this way we can compile statistics on the countries and servers that most frequently visit our website.

-The date and time of access to our website.
This allows us to find out the busiest hours, and make the necessary adjustments to avoid saturation problems at our peak hours.

-The internet address from which the link that leads to our website started.
Thanks to this data, we can know the effectiveness of the different banners and links that point to our server, in order to promote those that offer the best results.

-The number of daily visitors to each section.
This allows us to know the most successful areas and increase and improve their content, in order for users to obtain a more satisfactory result.

Consult the list of third parties that process the information obtained with these cookies.

To accept or reject the use of this type of cookies you can.

3. Behavioral advertising cookies: We also use third-party cookies, which allow us to analyze the browsing habits of users to develop specific profiles and display personalized advertising based on said profiles.

In order for our online advertising to be accurate and relevant, we use targeted online advertising programs. Collaborating companies that participate in selective advertising programs may show you advertising based on your tastes and interests deduced from the information generated by your browsing on our website or on those of third parties participating in the program.

For this purpose, said collaborating entities may install a cookie in your browser to identify you as part of the relevant audience. They can also detect that you previously visited our website using a tracking cookie installed by it.

You can obtain more information about online behavioral advertising (online behavioral advertising) and how to manage the privacy of your browser to reject this type of treatment at

Consult the list of third parties that treat the information obtained with these cookies here [LINK WITH THIRD PARTY LIST OR WITH THE CONFIGURATION PANEL IF EXISTS]

To accept or reject the use of this type of cookies you can [INDICATE OR IMPLEMENT THE MECHANISM ADOPTED TO CONFIGURE THE COOKIES]


You can find out about transfers to third countries that, where appropriate, are made by the third parties identified in this cookie policy in their corresponding policies (see the links provided in the “Third Party Cookies” section).


Certain cookies are canceled once the web browsing is finished (session cookies) while others may continue to be stored on the users’ equipment and be accessed for a longer period (persistent cookies).

Expiration of third-party cookies: You can find out about the retention periods of third-party cookies identified in this cookie policy in their corresponding policies (see the links provided in the “Third-party cookies” section).


The installation of third-party cookies may involve the collection of personal browsing data, such as IP addresses or online identifiers by said companies for marketing or other purposes of their responsibility. You can find out about the processing of personal data that, where appropriate, carried out by the third parties identified in this cookie policy and about how to exercise your rights in their corresponding policies (see the links provided in the “Third-party cookies” section).

Regarding us, the information obtained from cookies could only be associated with a specific user in the event that said user is identified on the web. If so, said data will be treated in accordance with the provisions of our Privacy Policy

At any time, the affected users may exercise their right to request access, rectification or deletion, the limitation of the treatment and the portability of their data, as well as to oppose their treatment and to file a claim with a control authority. More information on data protection in our privacy policy.


[ADJUST] You can manage cookies through the configuration panel or your browser settings

Browser parameters

You can allow or block cookies, as well as delete your browsing data (including cookies) from the browser you use. Consult the options and instructions offered by your browser for this. Keep in mind that if you accept third-party cookies, you must delete them from the browser options.

To disable the use of third-party advertising cookies, users can also visit the disabling page of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI, Network Advertising Initiative. English page: .asp).

If you disable cookies, you may not be able to use all the features of the website.