Eyelash lift

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It is a revolutionary eyelash treatment that is sweeping the world of beauty internationally, thanks to the extraordinary results that are achieved naturally.

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Lash lift incomparable length to lashes

What is achieved?
The eyelash lift provides an incomparable length to the lashes,
much more than a permanent lash and enhances them evenly.
In this way the look becomes broader, expressive and impressive,
but without looking for drama, as for example it happens with false eyelashes.

The overall objective,
In addition to improving the appearance of the eyelashes, it is to gain in naturalness and achieve the so-called I woke up like this effect that triumphs among the most admired celebrities on the planet.
I woke up like this could be translated as I woke up like this.

This trend aims to enhance the natural and real beauty of women,
Although it is true that all the famous ones have beauty secrets and tricks to look so beautiful in nature.
And one of those beauty secrets is the one that we reveal to you today in scoop:
the eyelash lift.

How is it done?
Unlike other treatments to beautify the eyelashes,
the eyelash lift smoothes the roots of natural lashes.
In this way, a longer lash-length effect is achieved.

So it could be said that the effect is similar to that achieved with the eyelash curler,
but without having to resort to it daily.

Who can get an eyelash lift?
Any woman or man who wants it, regardless of age,
You can discover and experience in first person the benefits of the exclusive eyelash lift that we offer at Marimontcuida.

It doesn’t matter if you wear glasses or if you wear contact lenses regularly.
In fact, in the case of those who wear glasses,
the eyelash lift is more than recommended because they contribute to making the eyes look bigger behind the glasses.

And the effects of the eyelash lift, do they last?
Yes, and a lot. Obviously they are not permanent effects,
like those that would be achieved with a facelift that requires surgery,
but even so the technique is advanced enough that the benefits of the treatment are remarkable and long-lasting.

In fact, the results of the eyelash lift are instantaneous, which is not the case with all aesthetic treatments,
so that when you leave our beauty salon you will be perfect and ready to surprise everyone with your movie look.

And said look, full of life and expressiveness,
It will stay that way for six to eight weeks, depending on your lash renewal cycle.
In fact, the latter explains that the effects of the eyelash lift are not permanent.
And it is that the eyelashes are regenerated from time to time.

Hence, the treatment lasts while maintaining the original tab on which it was performed.

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