Cavitation plus pressure therapy

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Sometimes reducing volume can become a real battle and not seeing results in the short term can cause you to quit.

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Cavitation plus pressure therapy

Cavitation plus pressotherapy Eliminates localized fat
Low frequency ultrasounds, which are applied to the area where fat is concentrated to dissolve fat cells from within

Cavitation plus pressotherapy Localized fat reducer
MarimonTcuida has the perfect solution for you to accelerate the loss of these extra centimeters, with our Reducer treatment.

We first carry out a complete and personalized body study.
Once your measurements and weight have been taken,
We mark the area to be treated and the accumulations of localized fat to offer you the best possible treatment.

Our reducing treatment
It is intended for all those who want to eliminate localized fat deposits,
that deform or alter certain areas of your body,
no side effects and no discomfort.

The elimination of said excess fat favors the reduction of volume or centimeters in the treated area.

In a short time and in a simple way, you will get rid of those extra centimeters.

Voucher 5 sessions for only € 33.16 / months 6 months without interest

5 Platform sessions
5 Spa reducer
Personalized nutritional composition analysis by a dietician-nutritionist.

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