Shock waves

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Stop cellulite pack with VMAT dermoplasty

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Shock waves

Shock waves Eliminate dimples on thighs and buttocks

Stop Cellulite
Cellulite, the cross of most women.
Eliminate dimples in thighs and buttocks and / or other areas

We present the stop cellulite pack with a combination of treatments to put an end to it,
or at least reduce it.
Helps combat anti-aesthetic orange peel skin, improving the appearance of the skin

Program is thought
Indicated for those people who are in weight norm but have cellulite due to low muscle tone,
and fluid retention.

Voucher 5 sessions for only € 33.16 / months 6 months without interest

5 Platform sessions
5 Spa reducer
Personalized nutritional composition analysis by a dietician-nutritionist

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Valid for 6 Months from the date of purchase


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