Depílate non-stop

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Shave for a whole year for 99 euros unlimited sessions. In Marimón Tcuida you have the best unisex rates in diode laser hair removal.



Depílate non-stop

Shave for a whole year for 99 euros unlimited sessions.
Say goodbye to hair with Marimón Tcuida.

Depilate non-stop our professional diode laser hair removal machine emits a light which is absorbed by the melanin of the hair,
thus reaching the root of the hair.

That way we managed to reach 70 degrees,
eliminating hair and preventing it from coming out again in the treated areas.

As the sessions go by, the hair becomes finer, less dense, there are fewer follicles and it grows more slowly.

During the first applications the hair decreases between 30% and 50%.
The time of each session with the diode laser hair removal machine is approximately 10-15 minutes.

The effects of the diode laser hair removal machine are visible in the first sessions, but it varies depending on the type of hair, its growth cycle and the patient’s hormonal levels.
The approximate frequency of the sessions is every 2 months.

Depilate non-stop The factors that must be taken into account are:

Do not expose yourself to the sun / UVA rays 5 days before or after the session.
It should be shaved the day before the scheduled session, except for an approximate piece of 2 x 2cm, in order to assess the type of hair.

If you are not properly shaved, you will not be shaved in the center,
as this can create severe skin irritation, postponing the session to another day.

A minimum of 3 weeks must pass since the last waxing,
and during the treatment between sessions it is recommended to use a razor or depilatory cream,

NEVER wax or tweezers.

Avoid the use of exfoliants, self-tanners, creams, deodorants before doing the session
It is mandatory to protect the treated area with a sun protection factor greater than 30 SPF.

After treatment (for 48 hours) it should be applied according to the area: aloe vera, calendula, to avoid discomfort, irritation, stinging, redness caused by intense light.

  • * It is necessary to consult your doctor if you suffer from: Diabetes, Psoriasis, Porphyria, dark moles, tattoos, dermatitis …
  • * Contraindications: Tumors, skin cancer. The therapist should be informed if you take any medication that may be photosensitive or of any tattoo

Advantages of MED.APOLO diode laser hair removal

  • It produces less pain in patients.
  • Maintains effectiveness when the corneal layer is thick and the follicles are deeper, in areas such as the back of men or the legs.
  • It works very well on large areas of the body.
  • People with dark phototype and thick hair can receive the treatment without risk of burn.
  • Incorporates contact cold in the applicator to maintain the temperature of the epidermis and perform a more comfortable work.

Additional information

Expiration date

1 year from date of purchase

Select an area

Upper lip, Chin, Temples, Cheekbones, Armpits, English + pubis + Inter gluteal area, Nape, Areolas, Feet, Hands, Alba line


To choose 1 small area at the beginning of the treatment, it cannot be changed.

Small area, to choose between:
Upper lip, chin, sideburns, cheekbones, armpits, english + pubis + inter gluteal area, nape, areola, feet, hands, linea alba

  • Unlimited sessions 1 year from the first session, missed appointments are not made up.
  • A single purchase per person and area
  • Personal and non-transferable promotion
  • Promotion valid until 12/31/19
  • Expiration 1 year
  • It cannot be transferred to third parties
  • Not combinable with other promotions

The acquisition of the promotion by the client does not give in any case the right to a refund of the price already paid by the client in the case of resignation, withdrawal.

Maximum frequency between session and session every 2 months


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