Pack full English legs + pubis and armpits 1 session

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Promotional pack of diode laser hair removal on full legs, English + pubis and armpits.

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Pack full English legs + pubis and armpits 1 session

Pack full English legs + pubis + integluteal and armpits
or 1 large area and 2 small areas in 1 session.

Painless, permanent and safe at any time of the year Effective on all skin phototypes, even tanned 1 Session every 2-3 Months

Pvp for individual sessions, not combinable with other promotions, consult other areas and special prices for bonuses.

How many sessions do I need?
Generally, between 6 and 8 sessions would be enough to eliminate almost all the hair, although the results can be appreciated from the first session.

It all depends on the type of hair and the consistency in the sessions.
In the case of those who have a hormonal origin, as is usually the facial, more sessions will be needed.

Can I change the waxing area for another of the same voucher?
Yes You can change the area as long as it is the same amount.

Is it possible to share bonuses?
Yes. As long as the person with whom you would like to share your voucher can perform the treatment. You must notify the center and check the conditions.

Can I give a gift if I buy online?
Yes You can give to whoever you want with the voucher you have bought.

The person to whom the voucher has been given must go to the center with the printed email or call 971267660 to confirm an appointment.

And in summer what do I do?
After and before a laser session, it is forbidden to be exposed to direct sunlight for at least 4 days.
It is also not recommended to wax with methods that involve hair pulling during the entire treatment.

One of the great benefits of these hair removal methods is that the hair disappears quickly and permanently.

Effective on all skin phototypes,
even tanned skin.

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