Tcuida manicure

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Beautify and personal care of hands Manicura Tcuida, O.P.I. treating the nail with special care and delicacy.



Careful manicure hand care

In O.P.I. Professional hand care is a science.
Such a luxurious and clinically effective system that transforms services into an extraordinary spa experience.

The results are sensational softer, smoother and more youthful hands,
that improve with continued use of the products.
Younger-looking hands in four easy, age-defying steps.

Exfoliate – Revitalize – Renew – Protect
In the first place we have the normal enameling, this can be easily removed at home and its duration is extended to 5 days thanks to the evolution of normal enamels.

But they are sensitive to water, handling wear etc.
Which is usually reflected in loss of brightness and color.

the nail polish brand has just launched the revolutionary Infinite Shine gel effect nail lacquer.

This new range offers us a vibrant color, intense shine and,
most importantly, the long duration of the gels without the need to use a UV LED lamp and with the ease of removing it like a normal lacquer.

In addition to using an Infinite Shine nail polish,
This new range includes a Primer or primer and a gloss Top coat with which we will achieve a spectacular finish that will keep our nails perfect for 10 days.

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