Oxigen O2 Body Perfection moisturizing

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Facilitates skin breathing, purifies, decongests and oxygenates the skin

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Oxigen O2 Body Perfection with moisturizing action

Oxigen O2 Body Perfection Body tuning

Moisturizing action body treatment,
nourishing and invigorating that envelops your body in a fresh fruity fragrance.

It prevents skin dryness, treats lack of firmness and provides a powerful antioxidant effect.

It incorporates an innovative exfoliation that ensures intensive skin renewal through a state-of-the-art formula,
which is ideal for even the most sensitive and delicate skin.

Next, a delicious souffle-textured oxygenating mask covers the entire body, intensely nourishing the skin and providing a powerful detox effect.

A purifying dry oil reveals spectacularly satiny, smooth and silky skin.

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