Dha Instant Tan

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In just 5 minutes. 100% NATURAL WITHOUT GRAPE, The revolution comes in 100% natural sunless tanning. Get Instant Tan all summer in just 5 minutes, based on Sugar Cane and Aloe Vera.

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Instant Tan Dha In just 5 minutes. 100% NATURAL WITHOUT GRAPE
The revolution in 100% natural sunless tanning is here.
Get the Instant Tan all summer in just 5 minutes,
based on Sugar Cane and Aloe Vera.

DHA micro-spray tanning is an extract of sugar cane,
that produces a totally natural Instant tan in a single session in 5 minutes.
It is not a dye or self-tanner.
The exclusive DHA lotion reacts with the keratin of the skin (without affecting melanin),
and generates a uniform Instant tan, without yellowish or orange tones.

The tan is instantly appreciated, increases over the next 8 hours and lasts for around a week.

What is DHA?

DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is derived from sugar cane.
It is a 100% natural active ingredient and totally innocuous for the skin,
It has been used for more than 40 years for medical purposes.

Can DHA tanning cause some kind of allergic reaction?
DHA is a large molecule that cannot penetrate the layers,
deep into the skin, which guarantees safety as it can only act on the most superficial layer.

How long does a tan normally last?
The tan lasts between 5 and 10 days on average.
Factors such as skin type, daily activities and skin care,
they make the results vary markedly from person to person.

Why do some people have fewer days?

The duration of the tan can vary for multiple reasons,
the type of skin or the particular habits of each one can significantly modify the duration of the Instant tan.
As an example we could say that make-up removers with inadequate PH or with detergent contents in their composition, result in a shorter duration than usual.

Does the hair have to be protected in the application?
No, DHA does not react to contact with hair or body hair, so no special care must be taken in the application unlike traditional self-tanners

Will the clothes get stained?
DHA does not stain as it is not a dye or makeup, although small particles of DHA can be transferred to clothing in the first hours after application.
DHA being a water soluble component, it is easily removed from natural fibers such as cotton.

Does DHA have an odor?

No, the solution does not contain perfumes or any unpleasant odors normally associated with self-tanners.
Unlike other solutions, the lotions that we use are completely odorless.

How often can a session be held?
We recommend a session every 7 days, you can do as many sessions as you want,
Although we recommend performing an exfoliation between sessions to completely eliminate possible remains.

What is the reason for the poor results of the tanning using a compressor and airbrush?

Designed for nail painting and tattooing, the use of airbrushes and compressors for DHA Instant Tanning is highly questionable, as they generate a spray at too much pressure, in a very narrow jet.

By shooting large amounts of product at high pressure and distance, airbrushes stain the walls and a lot of product is wasted.

As it does not have a drying function, excess product on the skin stains clothes and generates very irregular results.
They were the first equipment used for the application of the Instant DHA tan, today they have become completely obsolete due to their poor performance and the dissatisfaction of customers.
I have been told that DHA lotion dries the skin a bit, is it true? No, the Corpora DHA lotion has been enriched with Retinol (Vitamin A) and Aloe Vera (natural moisturizer derived from the cactus), with which we manage to nourish, moisturize and soften the skin while tanning it.

Can pregnant women spray DHA?

Yes, in principle there is no risk for the mother, much less for the fetus.
In any case, we always recommend carrying out a small contact test with the product, since pregnant women have a somewhat unpredictable metabolism, and they tend to develop sensitivities to some products.

What should I do immediately after a session?
It is essential that you do not shower or get wet, or apply any type of cream, makeup, cologne and avoid activities that can cause excessive sweating in the following 8 hours.
After this time and before doing any of the activities described, you have to shower first.

Will I be able to sunbathe after a DHA Instant tanning session?
Yes, you can sunbathe calmly, after a minimum of 6-8 hours and after taking the first shower to eliminate possible excesses.

In any case remember that it is not protected against solar radiation,
Since DHA does not activate melanin production, you should continue to use your regular sunscreen.

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